I can't walk Mom

Nixon was downstairs, and yelling for mom, as usual. "I can't walk Mom" was what he was yelling over and over, but at the time, I wasn't sure what he was saying, as he is only 2, and his finger is permanently stuck in his mouth. After about 5 minutes or so, I leisurely make my way down to see whats the trouble, if there is no screaming, I'm in no rush! He's sitting on the ground by the diaper drawer, in his feet pajamas, saying " I cant walk Mom" I was holding Kam, so I grabbed his arm up and helped him/ half dragged him over to the couch so I could see what was up.
He said his foot hurt, and that he couldn't walk. So I start pushing on his ankle, toes, etc. and nothing was causing more pain... finally I discover a bulge at the arch area of his foot.
Low and behold it was a large paper clip in his feet pajamas, Roxy errrrrrrrh. I unzipped his jammies just enough to get my arm down the leg to fish it out. Then he says this one too, and yes, he had another large paper clip under his other foot.
Can you imagine taking a few steps with those suckers under your foot- ouch.

Another Nix story.

So today is Sunday, Nixon has had croup so he and I missed church today, he spent the whole day in his jammies, and was really upset about not going to church, as he wanted to see his buddy Luke. So, he got in trouble for coloring with brown marker all over the mud room cubbies. While he was crying in his time out, he kept begging for Luke... He wanted to put his shoes on to go see Luke, he wanted to go with mom to go see Luke, he wanted to go see Katie (Luke's mom). Luke, Luke, Luke. He just kept whining and crying for Luke. It was funny and pathetic.

Another Nix story

Nixon loves little Kam, the past few weeks I have found him in the morning in her crib. This is cute, but also very alarming. He has been known to put pillows over her face, smash her face with his big chubby baby man hands, climb on her, try to pick her up on his own... you see where this is going. Fortunately he has yet to do anything terrible, or be caught red handed if you will. I go into see him laying next to her, sucking his finger, or talking to her. Its cute, just scary, and also annoying because he wakes her up. So we put the baby gate up in front of her door. The fist morning he found it, he kicked it over. I heard the gate fall and jumped out of bed. But of course the baby was already awake and Nix was just climbing into the crib. Its been a few days now, and he has not kicked the gate over since. So there is hope!

When Nix gets up from his nap, he likes to wander around the house before letting anyone know his is awake. Its a ritual. He usually ends up wherever Kam is. And she is usually taking a nap too. Either in her crib or her car seat. This happens almost daily, and its annoying, and cute, and so Nixon.


Cowan Family said…
Oh my heck that is so funny!!! I love the paper clip story that's to cute. We need to hang out soon.
k8e said…
HA HA HA! Oh Desi I love the Luke story! I'm loving how those 2 are best buds! I remember those Sundays because Luke came home disappointed that Nixon wasn't there!

And Luke used to be the same way with Max in the crib. As soon as he would wake up in the mornings he would immediatley head to Max's room to get in the crib with him. Cute but annoying....there is hope though....uhh....he doesn't do it "as" much now! ha ha!

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