I can't walk Mom

Nixon was downstairs, and yelling for mom, as usual. "I can't walk Mom" was what he was yelling over and over, but at the time, I wasn't sure what he was saying, as he is only 2, and his finger is permanently stuck in his mouth. After about 5 minutes or so, I leisurely make my way down to see whats the trouble, if there is no screaming, I'm in no rush! He's sitting on the ground by the diaper drawer, in his feet pajamas, saying " I cant walk Mom" I was holding Kam, so I grabbed his arm up and helped him/ half dragged him over to the couch so I could see what was up.
He said his foot hurt, and that he couldn't walk. So I start pushing on his ankle, toes, etc. and nothing was causing more pain... finally I discover a bulge at the arch area of his foot.
Low and behold it was a large paper clip in his feet pajamas, Roxy errrrrrrrh. I unzipped his jammies just enough to get my arm down the leg to fish it out. Then he says this one too…

4months old

4 months and counting

Kamryn is 4 and half months old! Time is flying by. I thought I had better post what she's been up to, so I don't forget.

Rolling: My brother and his family came for New Years (from Las Vegas) and my lovely mom came too! She actually came a few days earlier, so we got to spend some QT with grandma. While she was hear Kami rolled over. A few days prior to this Kami had rolled from tummy to back like 2 times. But with Grandma here, she wanted to show off so she started rolling from back to tummy as well! Go Kamryn. This was right around her 4 month b-day.

Scooting: With Rolling comes scooting, and Kam loves to scoot all over, well with in a 2 foot radius of her blanket. Kami is rotating 180 degrees, and scooting off her blanket all the time. the best is when I find her rubbing her face into our carpet. Gross. I better bust out the carpet cleaner- like today!

Rice Cereal: Lucky for us, I actually recorded Kam's first experience with baby food. …

I made a fool of myself

While this would be a common statement you might here from the mouth of Desi, this post is in regards to Riley making a "fool of herself". So the stories goes...

At the end of preschool on Friday Riley was allowed to take ONE tootsie roll. She took her one and then proceeded to put a whole handful in her coat pocket. Her teacher noticed and asked her if she only took one, when Riley said she did, the teacher nicely told her that she saw that Riley had taken more and that she needed to put them back. Riley reluctantly put the handful back, saying that it was an accident!

When Riley got in the car, she flopped onto the floor and began bawling. I tried to get her to tell me what happened (even though the teacher had already told me). I coaxed her into telling me. Through all the tears and bawling, she finally replied "I'm crying because, I made a fool of myself". I couldn't hold back my laughter, it was too funny to hear her say that, which perfectly sum…

kamryn at 1 month

Here are some cute pictures of Kamryn- Enjoy
Don't overlook that gigantic birthmark!! It is located in almost the same spot as my younger sisters. So, thanks Mom and Dad, for passing that birthmark gene 2 generations . At least they also passed along being super smart and super good looking! :)

Kamryn has long, dark eyelashes! All the kids do, they can thank their Dad for that!

I edited this photo myself. Photoshop is far beyond my abilities. But this lame little program called Picasa fits right in. I lightened the background, and brightened it up a bit. I guess that is probably all I did. Oh yeah, I did give it a little tint- or something.

Little Kamryn is doing really well, and growing like a weed.

She weighed 7.6 lbs at birth
6.14 lbs when we left the hospital - 2 days later.
7.14 lbs at her 2 week check up
9.9 at 1 month

Great weigh ins Kam!

Baby books say between 2 and 3 months your baby will start to smile. Well on Thursday she smiled 2 times! The …

baby kamryn

i have much that needs to be posted... like riley getting her ears pierced, bear lake reunion, and roxy's first day of school. all need time and attention, but first i wanted to post about our new little bundle of joy-

Kamryn Mauerman
August 26, 2010

I was lucky enough to be induced about 5 days early. Being induced is so different from going into labor naturally, its so much..... better! This labor was so similar to roxy's where i was also induced. I was able to get an epidural before my contractions got bad, my pain scale topping at like a 5. Once i was actually induced at about 10am we welcomed our baby about 4 hours later. the good doctor B did come and pop my water, and after that everything started progressing much quicker, that was about noon, and she was delivered at 1:44 pm. Just a quick recap for ya,
Hopefully that wasn't TMI for you.

She was 7 pound 6 ounces, and 19.5 inches long. my smallest baby yet!

riley and her look alike!…

Nixon had a birthday shout hooray

Nixon has turned 2! It was definitely a 3rd child event. We sort of kept forgetting about the birthday. However we did have mini birthday celebration with one of my YW friends Jackie. And then after she left, Nixon's little buddy Luke was playing outside with his dad, so they came over and had cup cakes with us. So 2 friends, and his sisters, what else could a 2 year old ask for?

Nixon did get this awesome tool set; hard hat, drill, chain saw, skill saw, tool belt. Yes, very manly, he loved it.

At 2 years:
Nixon loves Barbie, Dora, and now Diego (thank goodness). He is kind over Yo Gaba Gaba. Nixon loves to play with his buddies in nursery, but is awful through sacrament meeting.
He finally likes the pool, and will float around with just his arm floaties, he likes the deep end of the pool, and doesn't like us trying to help him get around.
Nixon is a good little talker, with more words, and small sentences coming together everyday.
Nixon loves sports balls. Basketball, socc…

girls camp mania

I have been eating, drinking, and dreaming girls camp for the past few weeks. And out of our whole girls camp board (8 of us) I am doing the least... but my mind has definitely been taken over by girls camp. We started out with a modest 18-22 campers, and now just 8 days before we are up to 28. AHHH. That is alot to work with, and to accommodate for. I still can't believe it.

But the cool thing is I have seen first hand the Lord softening the Young Women's hearts, and providing ways for them to come. Girls we thought for sure would not come are coming! So even if it is 10 more girls then we thought, we are happy to have them!

So I get to go to Bear Lake and stay at this awesome play house. Pickleville play house to be exact. Our first counselor's family owns this cabin and the play house, and we get to use it for the week. So fun.

Our theme is BOOT camp. B- building O- on O- our T- testimonies. Its going to be a good mix of boot camp style activities and then a…